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The Lucrative LEO Box Set

The Lucrative LEO Mastery Course...

  • 20 additional info-packed modules that contain my hardest lessons learned, insider tricks of the trade and secret tactics that have taken me 12 years to master
  • Learn how to leverage my special two-pronged job search method that finds me 2x the job opportunities (more offers = higher pay)
  • Commercial and Govt Options in the Middle East to expand your opportunities, get higher pay, and the best locations
  • How to better leverage your higher salary so that you save more and return with a LOT more money in the bank to pursue YOUR dreams

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The Expanded Attack Planner...

  • A powerful planner with 50 of the BEST companies to apply to that tend to pay higher salaries and offer contracts in some of the best locations
  • Keep track of dozens of companies and job applications
  • This is how you can get a lot more job offers. The regular course will get you a job offer, but using the Expanded Attack Planner, you can cherry pick the job you want

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Fight Club Contacts...

  • My very own hard-earned list of over 1,000 defense industry recruiters with their names, job titles and direct email address
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  • I show you how to use this list without coming across as annoying or spammy so you don't waste time or risk losing out on opportunities


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Plus Two Bonus Guides!

Bonus Guide #1! The Conflict Zone Compendium

How to make ridiculous amounts of money in a conflict zone;
the fully illustrated guide to working in Iraq and Afghanistan

$99 value

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Bonus Guide #2! The Support Location Supplement

The hard won secrets on how to make a high salary while living in a
modern, comfortable, and safe city; Everything You Need To Know!

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